Pi Day

March 14th (3/14) is Pi Day.  Represented by the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet (π); Pi is the ratio between a circle’s circumference and diameter,  a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.1459. Although 39 decimal places…


Girls Night Out – under the stars!

Saturday 8th March celebrate International Women’s Day, with Girls Night Out – under the stars! at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. With guest speakers and a range of other activities, the evening is an opportunity for women and girls…

Rule Brittania Stonehenge - JJAdams

Serenity Designs Artists’ Evening

Monday 7th April Serenity Designs team up with British artist, JJ Adams and host their Artists’ Evening at Quigley’s Wine and Cocktail Bar. To request an invitation to this very special event, visit serenitydesigns.com or call in…


Great British Music Camp 2014

August 10th-16th Clonter Opera hosts the Great British Music Camp (GBMC).    GBMC is a nonprofit organization that aims to offer musicians aged 12-17, of all abilities and styles an inspirational and creative environment in which…

RandomBreakfast - T-Rex

Pancake Day

Tuesday is Pancake Day. Pancake Day is always 47 days before Easter Sunday, which is the first Sunday on or after the first full moon of the March Equinox (20th March). Therefore, Pancake Day can be…


Everlast ‘Jump Around?’ (Acoustic)

Everlast is not appearing at Congleton Unplugged 2014, but check this out. For all that are interested, Everlast is playing at Gorilla, Manchester 27th April 2014.   Share

Congleton Unplugged

Congleton Unplugged 2014

Congleton Unplugged 2014 is Friday 28th February, 1st & 2nd March. This year 20+ bands are lined up to play across 6 venues for a 3 day celebration of live music. Once again all the events are…

Beartown Fryer by Innes

Congleton Chip Tour

In recognition of National Chip Week 2014 (17th-23rd February) we took the opportunity to visit seven Chip Shops across Congleton. National Chip Week  is a campaign run by The Potato Council to promote awareness of chips, chip…


Welcome to Congleton Post

Welcome to Congleton Post. Keeping you posted on community-sourced news and events in and around Congleton Twitter: @congletonpost   Share