Game Theory and Fiat Currency

Knight chess pieces facing each other on chess board

It is all a game! But why? Why is it all a game? Getting a job, being born into favourable circumstances, winning the lottery, buying a house, finding contentment…. Every element a part of the game. The great game of economics. The great monopoly board in the sky. Who made the game? Who writes the rules of the game? Why not something instead of a game? Does anybody ever ask such questions or are we all to busy playing the game to consider anything other than our next move. And, most importantly of all, who wins and who loses and when does the game end?

The best system we can think of

We westerners have capitalism and it is not great, but it’s the best system we’ve got according to Margaret Thatcher and most other politicians, left or right. The idea is that pricing is set via a balance between supply and demand and competition… at least, that’s what we are told. The truth is, we have oligopolies which decide pricing and gradually increase prices year on year to grow profits. Consider the value of a mobile phone; the precious metals inside of it come from slave-labour mining in third world countries, the screen is likely made in China or Japan or south Korea and put together by indentured-wage-salves working all day for pennies; then the final product is shipped in giant quantities to the first world countries where it is distributed and sold at a pre-determined price to a advertising-trance-induced-public. What is an acceptable gross-profit for such a product? Say, the phone costs 1000 pounds, is 800 pounds an acceptable profit margin? How could such a calculation be computed with so much slavery in the production chain? And what is the future for the mining slaves digging up the precious rare-earth metals? Our demand creates their slavery does it not?!

Is this a fair system? Is this the best we can think of? Would it not be better to have no phones but no slavery? Do you not feel any guilt for the poor and desperate slave-workers and the bottom of the chain?

So many questions!?!?!

Information Technology VS Business

In the late 80s/early 90s, the rules of the game changed dramatically. Bill Gates became the richest man in the world selling Microsoft software which businesspeople used but didn’t understand. Since then, businesspeople have been just holding on to the top spot of social engineering and commerce, forcing highly intelligent computer people to work to their arbitrary timeframes and nonsense milestones. Compared with computational mathematics, business is a toy for children to play with. Obviously, the businesspeople have not wanted to concede defeat and give way to a new age where they themselves are redundant. And, here we are in the modern game of IT vs Business. IT makes jobs disappear; business creates jobs. IT frees people, business enslaves them. Take your side!

Remember the Dotcom bubble which burst? Remember the 2008 financial crash? All engineered to delay the inevitable… business, game-theory economics and financial services are redundant… so inevitably they pay the best and employ the most. Lol. The highest valued person in 2000-2019 is the salesperson. Which would be hilarious if it were not so sinister. In the event of an apocalypse the least valuable person would be the salesperson and I’m sure this requires no explanation. But, this is the world of game theory economics and fiat currency where real value has no meaning and made up value (concocted by those with power who wish to keep it) is all pervasive.

The modus operandi of game theory economics and fiat currency is… “keep them working while we manufacture new crisis to keep them working”. Literally, and I do mean literally, the whole thing is a con to keep you and me working on whatever, wherever for whoever. The entire purpose of work is to make those in charge continue to be in charge. LITERALLY!!!!

The meditative answer

Observe the mental health crisis prevalent in our world; contributed to by our lack of purpose and manufactured fake purposes. People are suffering. Old people cannot turn their heating on in the wintertime because game-theory-economics has artificially inflated the price of energy to keep the game going. Intelligent people work in pointless jobs because cleaning up the oceans and repairing the damage of fossil fuel dependence aren’t jobs but phoning people and selling them stuff they don’t want is a job. How do we stop the game? How do we end the suffering? How do we topple the games masters who enslave the world? Revolution? They’d just kill us all and manufacture a narrative which made us the enemy. Like they always do. I say mediation is the answer. Let me explain…..

For the game to continue, your consent is required. For an electronics manufacturer to stay in business, they require customers to buy their products. For the tobacco industry to continue to exist, they require addicts to consume their cigarettes. For the advertising industry to continue to pay their employees, they require influence over your mind. I could go on. If instead of purchasing things and watching things and engaging with products and so on, if instead we sat quietly and meditated….. if enough of us did that…. We’d bring down the entire system. Simply by sitting quietly and ignoring the game. To save a lengthy diatribe about how the games masters would inevitably rig the game to force you to work more and then bombard you with advertising and consumer products in your workplace (like they have already done),  I will simply point out that they can only rig the game so much before the players revolt due to the unfairness. There is no greater revolutionary act in our modern world of madness than to sit quietly and do nothing. In mediation you are impervious to advertising and uncontactable and un-manipulatable and certainly not playing the game.

Real Value

Do you really need a new phone or a new car or a new house or a new t-shirt or a new whatever? Does anyone and do these things ever make you happy? I bet they don’t!!! I reckon they make you happy for five minutes before you are back staring into the abyss of eternal pointlessness. The game-theory-economists don’t care if you unhappy as long as you keep buying stuff and the reason you are unhappy is because you keep buying stuff. PARADOX!!! When you are wired up to bleeping machines, lying in a hospital bed experiencing your last few days of mortal existence tick by into infinity, you will know value. It certainly won’t be that new phone or watch or car on your mind.

A sunny day has value, but you probably spend most of yours in an office working a pointless job you hate. A good night sleep has value, but you probably have few of these because you’re worried about the made-up-fiat currency in your bank account. A genuine relationship has value, but your life is probably full of fake relationships based on buying and selling and getting and taking.

Stop playing

Are we to be another generation which continues on with this archaic system so nonsense which has been forced upon us? Are we to acquiesce to this insanity just so they’ll leave us alone? Shall we condemn our children to a fate worse than ours?

My advice… My rallying cry to all… STOP PLAYING THE GAME. STOP BUYING THINGS. STOP DOING WHAT THEY TELL YOU!!!!!! For the love of god, we can build a better system than game-theory-economics and fiat currency and we could bloody-well start with getting all that horrendous plastic out of the oceans. We’d be doing that now if the game-theorists could figure out a way to make money out of cleaning up the oceans whilst retaining their positions of power. The most revolutionary today, as it has always been, is to sit quietly in mediation and let the game come crashing down all around you. I implore you do so and enjoy the show.

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