The Future of Eating

Ingredients: 1 unfertilised chicken embryo, 2 fillets of cows muscle tissue, white fluid drained from a cows udder, 2 onions and some oil.

The vegan revolution

The fastest growing food trend in the western world is veganism. A vegan is someone who lives a cruelty free life and does not consume or wear animal products. The spread of veganism is certainly encouraged via social media and the internet, but I’d also suggest other reasons for the trending change. Halal meat has effectively been forced upon European countries ever more in recent years. Despite Britain having a Muslim population of 2%, 99% of meat sold in supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways is Halal. The reason for this change in meat slaughter practices is something of a mystery as our illustrious governments refuse to justify it, but the ensuing argument has certainly raised the gory subject of meat slaughter practices and how our plastic wrapped fillets of meat end up in our fridges. The quickest way to encourage someone to become a vegetarian is to illuminate the journey of meat from animal to plate.

In addition, we are experiencing a dramatic health crisis with ever mounting pressure put on our beloved NHS to keep everyone alive. Why, indeed are we all so ill? The answer most commonly provided is that we are living longer but, in the animal kingdom long-lived animals do not incur a cancer rate of 1 in 3. The ravages of poor health are a human problem and, we are of course what we eat. Make no mistake, younger people looking at the aging and disease-ridden elders with concern and seek to not repeat their mistakes.

Thou shalt not kill

Do we need to eat meat to survive? Since the dawn of agriculture and meat eating, our bodies ability to manufacture its own vitamin B12 has atrophied and therefore, if we are to live healthy lives, we must consume an external source of B12. Meat eaters get plenty of vitamin B12 from the animals they consume, and vegans must take supplements. Other than B12, vegans experience no ill side effects from abstaining from meat consumption. So the answer is no, we do not need to eat meat to survive. And this begs the question, “If we are not required to kill, should we refrain from killing?”. If we can indeed realise a cruelty free existence, should we not pursue such a goal?

When dinosaurs die

Since the rise in veganism, farmers have begun fighting back. They have successfully lobbied the government to introduce legislation to ensure Almond milk and Soya milk can no longer be referred to as “milk”. We must now refer to such things as “juices”. As if suddenly hundreds of vegans are going to start drinking cow’s milk again because Soya juice has a different name. Desperate absurdity. The meat industry is declining and younger people prefer to eat less meat regardless of whether they are vegan or not and most people see veganism as a noble aim. Newspapers print sponsored articles warning of the dangers of veganism and professing the wonderous benefits of meat consumption, but the social-media-savvy younger generation are not fooled. And it is at this point when capitalists become socialists. When the trends of demand shift from dying industries into new frontiers, they old seldom give up without causing an immense amount of trouble.

Should the majority of our population switch to some form of vegetarianism, our meat industry will disappear and to many people, this is a moral outrage. Just like the moral outrage when the mines closed-down or when the castle building industry collapsed. I say let people decide and allow the fluidity of capitalism to steer our future relationships with food and drink and travel and all things. And the farmers now face the same problem as the rest of us; no jobs. In the future there are no jobs it seems. Liberated we will be from the drudgery of hard labour and tedious work. And this prospect frightens the banks more than any of the old dinosaurs. The old power structures may very well be about to collapse entirely… forever. We may actually know freedom for the first time in centuries. And veganism may be part of the solution. Who’d have thought?!

The chaos fruit

The most important issue surrounding alternative diets is health. We strive to live healthy lives and it appears diets of excessive meat consumption and processed ready meals are not conducive to a healthy body and mind. Food scientists are pseudo scientists and the ideal human diet is currently lost to ancient history. Most animals eat one or two foods and live healthy. Humans eat a myriad of foods and food groups and we get sick and die young. Perhaps in this regard we should let mother nature be our teacher and listen to our bodies and hopefully find our way back to a state of healthy and harmonious living. One thing is certain, nobody knows the best way to live a healthy dietary life and anyone who says they do know is trying to sell you a product.

Let us wave goodbye to the industries of old and welcome a new age of truth and honesty and enlightenment.

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