Climate Guilt and the Master Plan

I beg to move that the question be now put, “should we fight climate change?”. The question is on the adoption of the motion that we should fight climate change. Those in favour of adopting the motion say “Aye”. All those against say “No”. DIVISON

Of all the contemporary debates which rage amongst Western populations, climate change and what to do about all the pollution and waste we create is perhaps the most serious and emotive. We have Whales found dead on beaches with stomachs full of plastic, gigantic landfills of plastic waste, smog-filled cityscapes and entire species disappearing from our world forever. And if these consequences of our industrialised world weren’t insufferable enough, the same infinite growth paradigm which caused it all continues to pollute and waste and damage and kill our precious ecosystem with its never-ending demand for more.

What then, are we to do about it? Fight climate change? Deny climate change? Ignore climate change? Is “Climate Change” the correct term. Let us discuss…

Money solution to a money problem

If you work hard, get a decent job and look after your finances, you too will be able to live a comfortable life of fighting climate change via social media posts and dramatic displays of solidarity, marching the streets with placards demanding change. If you are poor or disabled or live with unfortunate circumstances, you probably won’t have the time to care and thus risk the indignation of the climate activists. Either way, you breath smoke filled air in the city, drive fossil fuel burning cars and drink from plastic water bottles. Whether you care about the climate or not, your very existence, assuming you are not a forest dwelling hermit, contributes to the climate decline.

Consider the car industry. Once we travelled about the place on horseback or by horse and cart which was a very climate neutral way of living. Our harnessing of fossil fuel energy resulted in cars which get us to our destination faster. Wow. Such progress. But the trade-off is we must burn petroleum, which as we know is millions of dead animals which died millions of years ago and this creates an excess CO2 pollution. Fast forward 100years and not only do we still drive cars which burn fossil fuels but now we have super-fast, trendy looking vehicles which have very limited lifespans and must be replaced every half decade or so. And to make the cars, well, that requires us to burn more fossil fuels which, again, are ancient dead animals, of which there are a limited number of. Yet, here we are in a world where we can get to our destinations faster but have less free time than ever before. Paradoxical to say the least.

Why then do we have a car industry if it pollutes our environment? Because jobs elevate people out of poverty and the car industry employs people so by purchasing a new car every few years, we are keeping people in jobs and doing a great service to humanity but killing the planet! Jobs before planets. Jobs first, planets second.

We live in an infinite growth economic paradigm. Every company must grow and employ more people and sell more products and create more GDP and innovate and generate more revenue and make more waste and create more pollution and thrive in the short term at the expense of the long term. Oh, how hellish it must be to till the land of a healthy planet. We must instead work in offices and factories of a dying planet.

Our paradigm is a banking paradigm. In our western world, the banks create money out of nothing, lend it to us at interest and receive in return our principle borrowing plus extra. And we borrow money to start business which produce products for us to sell so we may make a profit and buy a house and a car and have wealth. We work for the bank. Above the government is the bank. Governments can fail but banks are too big to fail. Banks first, governments second and planets last.

So, we are destroying our planet by making too many products which must be replaced regularly and the old thrown into landfills so we can make a profit…. So, the bank can make a profit. Money has value, forests and nature and the oceans and the air we breath has no value lest what a business can sell it for. And thus, we ay have arrived at the crux of the climate debate; the monetary and banking system create the incentive to ruin our environment. I await my assassination for suggesting such a notion.

Scientists and their funding

Scientists all agree that climate change is “REAL”. Of course, a scientist is primarily concerned with acquiring funding for their research, which comes from banks so…. Of course, they do. In our existing monetary and banking paradigm, the only science which gets researched is science which has successfully sourced funding from a wealthy individual or company… perhaps an oil company.

Let us consider environmental climate models. The earth, during its illustrious history has undergone several mass-extinction events and many more ice ages. Only a few hundred years ago here in Britain we experienced the medieval warm period where the everchanging climate blessed us with Mediterranean temperatures. Imagine the arrogance of modern scientists thinking they have obtained a full and complete understanding of the ebbs and flows of Earth climate and its 4.6billion year history. With all the weather monitoring equipment in the world, the Met Office is still yet to accurately predict snowfall or a sunny day. Why? Because there are too many variables. As much as this may offend some people, let me say this loud and very clear….. scientists do not understand the extent of man-made-climate-change and they do not know if we have had a significant effect upon our environment or not. Approaching the subject of living in harmony with our environment from the perspective of a climate model or computer simulation is absurdity of the highest degree. It is indeed, absolute insanity.

We need only observe a Squirrel saving its nuts for the long winter to understand how-to live-in harmony with our environment. The answer to harmonious living is all around us.

Celebrities cashing in – the guilt industry

The arrogance of scientists with their protestations of certainty may seem obscene but compared with the infinite wisdom of the venerable “Celebrity” of modern times, they are but humble sheep. In 21st century Westernism, dancing about on a stage singing a singy-song or rapping rhyming words atomically qualifies one for absolute authority over the nature of morality and the natural world. The greater the “sell-out” the greater the authority. The more one is prepared to prostitute their signing or rhyming ability, the higher regard of their twittering opinions. And, what indeed is the consensus of these great bastions of wisdom?!?!? That climate change is a bad thing and we must now pay 10p for a plastic bag to save the planet. Saved we are!

Industrialisation reversal/technological solution

When eventually we come back down to earth from the celebrity heaven of face-lifts and diamond encrusted idiocy, it is clear we have a choice before us; continue onwards and hope technology solves the problems of technology, or, regress back to a pre-planet-destroying way of living. However urgent the climate alarmists make our plight seem, at any time, at any point, we could revert to horse and carts and wooden ships and be climate neutral within a generation or less. And we most likely will.

The end to end all endings

Regardless of how we navigate our current climate crises, one thing amidst all the noise and confusion is absolutely and unequivocally certain. And I shall write this in capitals as to draw as much attention to it as possible…. THE OIL IS GOING TO RUN OUT!!!!!!!! One way or another, there are only so many million-year-old-dead-animals for us to burn in combustion engines. Our entire way of life is powered by oil. Whilst the changing climate is notoriously difficult to measure, the oil reserves are measurable exactly. All of modern western civilisation is powered by oil and like the Easter Islanders who cut down the last trees to build stone heads to show off their wealth and power, we will burn every last drop of oil before we concede the unsustainability of our way of life.

Money and fiat currency and wage-for-labour and fractional-reserve-banking paradigms are what is destroying our planet, but the celebrities do not understand these concepts and the scientists probably do but care much more about funding so, welcome to the endgame. May I recommend horse-riding lessons and blankets to keep you warm at night.

Enjoy the show. The decline and fall of the oil empire.

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