Has the result reversal revolution begun?

Follwing the Machester City victory, securing the “Domestic Treble” and making history, some Liverpool fans are protesting the final result. A small but growing group of Arch Liverpool supporters are campaigning for the last few Premiership matches to be replayed. They say “now the team have rested up, they are playing much better football and would likely win the Premiership”. Under normal circumstances such a proposition would seem unlikely but with the growing calls for a second EU referendum in full swing, the idea is gaining support from several low ranking MPs.

Meanwhile, over in Germany, the newly formed “Party for Peace and Happiness” is calling for a “Peoples War” to settle the outcome of WW2. They claim “now Germany is a much stronger and more powerful nation, were there to be a re-run of World War 2, Germany would be victorious”. And in America, a grass roots movement has started with a single aim, to abolish the 13th Ammendment and restore slavery to the United States. “Now Abraham Lincoln has died”, they say, “if we were to vote again the confederate states would win”.

Has the result reversal revolution begun?

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